Pau (FRA)

Fact File

Nation: France
Length: 2.760km / 1.714mi
First Built: 1933


Street circuits are an essential learning curve for any aspiring racing driver, and few cities in the world are more synonymous with motorsport than Pau, which first opened it’s roads to the sport in 1933.

Since then it has hosted a diverse range of events, from touring cars to single seaters, and in 2018 the Formula Renault Northern European Cup marks its second event of the season with a support slot at the historic venue for the very first time.


Technical Insight – Edwin van den Heuvel

“Street circuits come with their own unique challenges and Pau is no different. The guardrails sit close and leave no room for error, with the regular street kerbs another challenge drivers should look to avoid.

“Learning the circuit quickly so you can hit the ground running from the opening session is particularly important at this event, with no testing beforehand to familiarise the drivers and teams with the circuit.

It’s a very tight circuit and overtaking opportunities are at a premium, which makes qualifying well here more important than at any other circuit this season. The best opportunities to make up ground are at Turn 1 and Turn 4.”