Monza (ITA)

Fact File

Nation: Italy
Length: 5.793km / 3.600mi
First Built: 1922
Lap Record: 1:21.046s (Rubens Barrichello, Ferrari F2004, 2004)


Typified by high-speed straights and fast corners, the historic Autodrome Nazionale Monza, situated north of the iconic city of Milan in Italy, will play host to the fourth round of the 2018 Formula Renault Northern European Cup season, and kicks off the second half of the campaign.

Aerodynamics are pivotal at Monza, with slipstreaming an art that, if timed to perfection, could pay dividends in the heavy braking zones at the end of the circuit’s characteristically long straights. With three tricky chicanes to navigate, setting the car up to perfection will prove a challenge for both the teams and the drivers.

Technical Insight – Edwin van den Heuvel

“It goes without saying that Monza is a high-speed circuit and has both the highest top speed and the longest time spent at full throttle of any track on the calendar.

“In terms of the mechanics, it can be very hard on both the engines and brakes, so setting them up properly is essential to ensure they last the race distance. That’s made even more difficult by the low downforce levels across the lap, so it really is a challenge.

Overtaking opportunities are plentiful, especially if you can get a good tow from your opponent through the Parabolica at Turn 9 and then down the main straight.”