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Official Notice

Statement:      NEC on hold                   Zug, 26 January, 2016



Renault Sport Germany RSD has informed MdH AG the founder and promoter of the FR2.0 Northern European Cup on 19/1/2016 that they want to change the relationship between the two share holders  (RSD & MdH) of the NEC.


Their proposal and timing is not acceptable for MdH AG and discussions are currently taking place between the two partners.


We hope to come to a mutual satisfactory conclusion in the foreseeable future and hope that the NEC can continue to exist in its current format in 2016.


 Please note that the company ISM is not a partner in the NEC. They are a supplier of services to RSD.


The entry deadline for the reduced entry fee has been moved forward from January 31, 2016 till February 29, 2016.


For further information please contact :




Mick de Haas

Founder and promoter of the FR2.0 NEC